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Excellent, interesting site

Greetings to all and congratulations on the excellent new web site - just what one would expect from ex-PA-ers!

Posted by Tony Buckley

Recreating the Big Bang…

Recreating the Big Bang with the World's Largest Machine - The LHC at CERN

A joint event for IET, BCS and Coventry University.

Professor David Evans will describe his work at CERN.

The 27km Large Hadron Collider (LHC), situated 150 metres under the Swiss-French boarder at CERN near Geneva, is the World's most powerful particle accelerator.

Protons (hydrogen nuclei) are smashed together at 0.999999991 times the speed of light recreating, for a tiny instant, the violent particle collisions which would have existed less than a billionth of a second after the Big Bang.

At the end of each year, lead nuclei are accelerated and collided in the LHC producing the highest temperatures and densities ever made in an experiment and recreating the exotic primordial soup which existed at the birth of our Universe.

David, from the University of Birmingham, will explain the physics behind the LHC, what we expect to learn and summarise the latest results. His talk will include some audience participation and demonstrations with liquid nitrogen and is aimed at all age groups.

The event is on Wednesday 11th. December at 6:30pm for 7pm. at the new Engineering and Computing Building, Coventry Univfersity, Just off Gulson Road, CV1 2JH.

Please reserve a place at

Posted by Derrick Willer

HS2 – For or Against

Press Release – HS2

HS2 the High Speed Rail Link from London to the Midlands and the North.

The IET Coventry and Warwickshire Network is pleased to present two evening events discussing this controversial project.

The Case for HS2

On Thursday 28th. November, Andrew Coombes, of HS2, will present the case for the project, including highlighting some of the engineering challenges and their costs.

The Case against HS2

On Thursday 12th. December, Peter Dellow, from Stop HS2, will present the case against HS2.
He will concentrate on some of the environmental and engineering challenges and their costs.

Both events are at the new Engineering and Computing Building of Coventry University, off
Gulson Road, CV1 2JH, and commence at 6:30pm for refreshments and 7:00pm for the presentation with a light networking buffet afterwards.

Attendance: FREE to all comers

Whether you are for or against the project or have not made up your mind about the project, do
come along. The event is free for all who wish to come, members of the general public are most

Please help us with refreshment planning by registering at

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is the largest organisation of its kind with a world-wide membership of over 150,000 engineers. The Coventry and Warwickshire Network is one of the most active and is pleased to welcome all comers.
The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) is registered as a Charity in England and
Wales (No. 211014) and Scotland (No. SC038698).
For further information please email the local Honorary Secretary, Derrick Willer,

Posted by Derrick Willer

New PA Chairman

The new chairman of PA has been announced, along with other changes.

Read about it in The Times, or

Read about it in the Telegraph.

Posted by Chris Buckley

Greetings to all

Good to see the site up and running.

Well done.

Posted by Richard Kenyon (1966-74)

Password security

It is ironic to see that my new password is classed as Medium security and the implication the the original one was therefore High.

I suggest that the original was should actually be classed as 'insecure' on the basis that I had no alternative but to keep a paper record of it and to carry that around with me if I wished to access the site other than from one sole computer.

My new password is recorded in my diary but with a coded clue which can be decoded by me but, I believe and hope, not to anyone else.

Posted by Richard Kenyon (1966-74)

email via web site

Will the proposed system enable me to email a colleague thro the website without my actually knowing the email address?

Then if the recipient approves he/she can allow me access to their email address?
If I have got that right it’s quite a clever way of facilitating communications without publishing email addresses that can be copied and pasted………hope I have got that right

Posted by Roger Moore

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