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PA Publicity

In reading the current issue of The Economist and, in particular an article on Chinese consumers, it caught my attention that although they kept quoting consulting firms, there was no mention of PA.  I have a feeling that this has been true for a long time.  I went back and did a count which turned up the following references: McKinsey (2),  Sanford C. Bernstein, Boston Consulting Group, A.T. Kearney, Bain (2), SmithStreet (2).

I imagine there must be very positive marketing help in getting this kind of publicity.  I would love to hear if PA makes any active attempts to get mentioned.

Posted by David Mitchell

Pension increase

I've just had a letter about the pension increase from 1/1/2014. The letter explains that CPI rather than RPI is used but does not mention that the pre 6/4/1988 component receives no increase whereas it has in previous years. Is this PA opting to just meet the letter of the law as the scheme is underfunded?

Posted by Peter Topp

New Passwords Please!

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but following damage to our web site, we have ungraded our site security.
Old passwords will not work after 18/1/14.
Please set a new password by Clicking on 'Log In', then 'Lost password', and follow the instructions.

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Posted by Chris Buckley


Easy to see latest comments?

Help! is a Very useful section Chris.

One query: as - hopefully - the site becomes more and more used for timely and current communications between members, the size of the blogs will expand significantly.  Is there going to be an easy way to log on and get directed to only the latest info/comments?  Rather than having to plough thru long threads of old stuff?

Posted by Roger Moore

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