Why Not email PARAnews?

If we could email PARAnews, we would.  But we cannot, because if we and others were allowed to do that, the internet would clog up and stop working properly.

You may have noticed that everyone's internet speed is at least 10-12 times faster when receiving items FROM the internet, than when sending items TO the internet.

Also, even major publications distributed via the internet, like The Times, which goes electronically to millions of readers every morning, are never sent by email.  Instead, they use a small program (called, in that case,  'The Times App') on each person's computer to download the new issue each morning, or read it online.  On Sundays, the main paper is downloaded by this local 'App' or program, then each separate supplement section (eg 'Sports', 'Magazine', 'Travel', etc) is downloaded separately only when the user requests it.

We do the same with PARAnews, but cannot afford (and do not really need) the specialised program, so get members to do the download themselves.

This complexity is there to stop the internet getting clogged up by huge bulk emails.

The 'download not email' option  is driven by the network providers.  These Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot afford to allow people to congest their networks, or their overall network performance to users would drop, so they do not allow large mass emailing.  If you try to send a short email to more than 50 people at the same time, it will almost always fail, unless you are a specialised emailing organisation and paying for the privilege. If a normal internet user tries to send a large email attachment to more than a dozen or two dozen people, it will take an extremely long time to get through, and usually fail.

Thus we use a commercial emailing organisation ('MailChimp') to send 'all-member' emails - MailChimp are allowed to send out far more simultaneous emails than we are, because they pay for the facility.  The emails have to be short, however, and cannot have attachments.

Then we put PARAnews, Members Contact Details, etc on our web site, and members download their own copies when they wish - thus spreading out the network load and avoiding anyone's personal internet getting shut down for 'unfair use', as the ISPs call it when anyone tries to send too much data out.


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