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Helping councils respond to adult social care pressures 

Councils today face the double bind of downward cost pressures and a rapidly growing elderly population. Traditional approaches to cost cutting are not enough: radical steps are needed and adult social care service levels must be improved or at least maintained.

PA is working with a range of clients, helping them deal with their adult social care challenges in innovative ways. Our new video explains how.  Find out more and watch the video

Mapping risk and return in power generation

PA’s Energy Investment Map compares the potential risks and returns in 11 power generation technologies, helping investors and policy-makers to orient themselves in this fast-changing and complex market. This tool has proven to be a global success, receiving extensive press coverage and attracting interest from many international investment firms.  Explore our Energy Investment Map

Helping Los Angeles Power and Water plan ahead

Serving a city of nearly four million people, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the largest municipal utility in the US. In this video, general manager Ron Nichols explains how we worked closely with LADWP to develop a strategic plan to help the company prepare for the long term.  Read more about our work with LADWP and watch the video

Creating £150 million in value at Xchanging

Read about our work supporting senior management to drive radical change to strategy and organisation and watch our video of CEO Ken Lever, as he talks about PA’s contribution to the business.  Read more about our work with Xchanging and watch the video

Improving quality and productivity at the CambTEK  laboratory and manufacturing facility

Our new video shows how this system transforms the way solid dose samples are prepared.  Read more about our work with CambTEK and watch the video

Destination Digital blog

Reimagining and reconfiguring organisations for the digital age, our Destination Digital blog explores the key challenges and opportunities faced by organisations as they prepare to embrace a digital mind-set.  Read our Destination Digital blog

Thinking Regulation

Demands for greater transparency, regulatory enforcement and consumer protection have created new challenges for regulators and regulated industries.

We are working with some of the world’s largest organisations, helping them not only to comply with regulatory change but to use it as an opportunity to create lasting value. PA regulation experts explain how in a new video.  Read more about our work and watch the video

PA’s Higher Education Report 2013

PA Consulting Group’s (PA) report from our fifth annual survey1 of the leaders of higher education (HE) institutions and providers in the UK investigates how HE leaders foresee the disruptions impacting the HE system, and how they are responding to them. In particular, it explores the growing importance of student experiences in providers’ strategies, and how this is reshaping patterns of higher learning. Mike Boxall and Paul Woodgates, PA education experts, discuss the report in our new video.  Read more about the report and watch the video



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