PARA Constitution

The PARA Constitution as revised 9 July 2013 


The name of the organisation is the “PA Retirers Association” (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”).

Objectives of the Association

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • To facilitate social contact and communication among PA retirers throughout the PA world
  • To foster a good relationship between PA retirers and PA Consulting Group
  • To maintain a dialogue with the Pension Trustees, to keep a watching brief over the security and performance of the fund and any issues that may affect the inter­ests of pensioner members.

Membership of the Association

Membership of the Association is open to everyone from any PA company who:

  • has retired from PA Consulting Group
  • or left PA before retirement and is now receiving a PA pension
  • or is a widowed spouse of either of the above categories, or of an employee who died in service and would otherwise now be receiving a pension.

It is also open to other alumni who spent a considerable proportion of their careers in PA and are accepted by the Committee. These are likely to be individuals who spent at least ten years in PA but other people with over five years’ service may be nomi­nated for approval.


The committee administers the affairs of the Association and acts as the representa­tive for the Association as a whole.

The committee is composed of not less than 12 and not more than 15 members of the Association.

The normal term of membership on the committee is three years. At the end of July each year, those committee members who have served their three-year term retire. Retiring committee members may offer themselves for re-election, together with any further nominations from the Association’s membership. Self-nomination is encour­aged. The closing date for nominations is the end of May each year to allow time for administration. If there are more nominations than vacancies, a ballot will be held at the Annual Meeting. Proxy votes will be accepted from those unable to attend.

Each year the committee elects five officers from the current members of the commit­tee:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Social Events Secretary

(Some of these roles may be combined.)

A quorum of the committee consists of at least one third of the current members of the committee.

Due to the impracticalities of overseas members joining the committee, a local contact representative may be appointed in any country where there is a significant number of members. The purpose of this is to provide a focal point for communication and rep­resentation.


The subscription for different categories of membership is determined by the commit­tee and agreed at the Annual Meeting.  Whilst the period of subscription is usually annual, this may be extended to reduce administration.

General Meetings

An Annual Meeting is held each year, normally in the London area.

Special Meetings may be called as appropriate to consider important and urgent is­sues.

A minimum of twenty one calendar days’ notice of a general meeting will be given.

Responsibilities of the Committee

The responsibilities of the committee include:

  • To inform all members of the Association of any issue that could affect their inter­ests and invite recommendations on how best to safeguard such interests, and formulate and pursue appropriate action for this purpose
  • To maintain contact with the Chairman of PA Pension Trustees in respect of any issues that may affect the interests of pensioners
  • To spearhead the fostering of good relations between members and PA Consult­ing Group
  • To represent the interests of members to PA Consulting Group in respect of any action or proposed action that affects or could affect such interests
  • To appoint, from its members, appropriate contact groups which will represent the Association at meetings with the PA Pension Trustees, PA Con­sulting Group, and with third parties who may influence the interests of members of the Association
  • To define the limits of authority of such contact groups
  • To inform the members of the Association of the results of these meetings, of the main outcomes of general meetings, and of other points of interest through the circulation of a periodic newsletter
  • To encourage the organisation of local meetings of members, especially in areas where travel to London for the general meetings is difficult and/or expensive
  • To appoint the officers of the Association
  • To ensure proper minutes and books of account are maintained
  • To incur such expenditure as is required in the discharge of their responsibility, ensuring that all items of expenditure are properly recorded
  • To maintain a bank account in the name of the PA Retirers Association and to nominate three of its members as bank signatories, with all cheques drawn re­quiring the signatures of two of them
  • To prepare annual accounts to 31 December each year and circulate them to all members of the Association whose subscriptions have been paid for the year to which such accounts refer
  • To ensure that such annual accounts are audited by a suitably qualified person who is not a member of the Association
  • To convene and organise such general meetings as are considered necessary, giving a minimum of twenty one calendar days notice
  • To appoint, as appropriate, local contact representatives in overseas countries with significant membership
  • To appoint sub-committees from members of the committee for specific tasks
  • To co-opt ad hoc members as required on to the committee or sub-committees as required
  • To take any other action on behalf of members, which is seen to be appropriate.

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